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Thursday, April 25, 2019


Baby Skin Care - Baby acne / Hormone rash / Milla

Wednesday, April 04, 2012
By Kim Scott

Having just had my delightful new baby girl “Willow Scott” I thought I would write a short blog to share my first hand experience with Baby Acne or “Milk Pimples” as they are commonly referred as. This is my 2nd child and first experience with baby acne. 

At one week of age Willow developed pimples which presented themselves red and angry over her entire face (See Image 1). She was born with Milia which is common in newborns. These leisions are tiny, white spots that appear, usually across the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead or around the eyes. Milia looks raised, but if you touch them they will feel smooth, however as you can see from the photos Willows were inflamed, red, rash like & she had pimples combined with Milia, which looked just like teenage acne.
I had read before that it's the mother's hormones, which are still circulating in the baby's system, that cause the spots, but also knew that her pimples were not causing any pain or discomfort beyond mild itchiness, however they looked dreadful and it was more me that was concerned. 
As an aesthetician “THE SKIN” is my passion and I really wanted to help her.

At The Skin Corrective Centre we have had many clients report back to us on the famous bod for bubs “miracle dry skin balm” however, I can now say from first hand experience that this range on newborns skin is nothing short of incredible. I decided to use my daughter  as a case study to hopefully help other mothers out there avoid TOPICAL STERIODS (cortisone creams) which can in some cases thin the skin and often lead to other secondary skin responses.

Treatment for Baby Acne

2 products:  Miracle Dry Skin Balm & Splish Splash
  • 1 x per day use “Splish Splash” wash in bath on affected area and rinse off with water.
  • 3 x per day apply “Miracle Dry Skin Balm” to affected areas, leave on.
Continue this treatment until skin is clear.

For those of you that may not be aware, The Skin Corrective Centre stocks an Organic Range of baby skin care products which we do also recommend for adults from time to time, not just for babies. As Willow was only 1 week old I really did not want to use anything with nasty ingredients. For me, it was about using active plant extracts, less than .3% essential oils to get results and also about excluding ingredients that I knew were irritants to skins of any age.

Helpful hints:

As mums I feel we really need to focus on what‘s NOT in our babies skincare products. Unfortunately to this day there are some very large well known companies that still contain the ingredients listed below and market them for sensitive skins, why?.... I do not know! Only a few of the bod for bubs products even require a preservative and the company has chosen to use a food grade preservative (hydroxymethyl- glycinate) we assure you, is safe on baby’s skin.

Examples of nasty’s in baby care products include:
  • Fragrance
  • Petrochemicals
  • Sodium lauryl sulphates
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Alcohol
  • Parabens
  • Animal products
  • Astringents
You won’t find any hidden nasties in the bod for bubs range; all products are free from animal products, petrochemicals and parabens. Specifically blended to nourish delicate skin, all scents are 100% pure essential oils blended according to safety guidelines.

Extra Tips & Hints

Treatment for Nappy Rash (2 products:  Cowboys and Itchy Bums & Splish Splash)
  • 3 xs per day apply salt water solution to affected area with cotton ball let dry.
  • After every nappy change apply a generous amount of” Cowboys and itchy bums” (contains Zinc and natural healing ingredients) 
  • Wash the area thoroughly with Splish Splash wash (ph balanced  and contains no fragrance) 
I hope this helps mums with their child’s skin concerns. Please don’t hesitate to email ATT: Kim @   with any questions or call The Skin Corrective Centre on 68856349.

Case Study Baby Acne 2 products:  Miracle Dry Skin Balm & Splish Splash

One week old
Day 1 of use 

Day 3 of use 

Two weeks old
Day 7 of use