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Skin Resurfacing Peels

Peels (Skin Resurfacing)

Chemical peels promote the regeneration of the skin’s surface, revealing smoother, healthier layers of skin. During a peel treatment a chemical peel solution is applied to the treatment area, causing the upper layer or layers of the epidermis to breakdown. As part of the skin’s normal healing process, new skin cells regenerate to replace the cells removed in the peeling process. Deeper peels will also induce collagen production, which will lead to tighter skin tone. It is recommended that the skin is prepared for peeling with medical grade active skin care products. This results in better uptake of the peeling agent and a more even result. It is also vital that a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF 30+ is worn, both before and after the peel, to minimise the risk of complications along with the use of medical grade mineral makeup. There are a number of different types and strengths of chemical peels and the type of peel used is dependent on the skin condition and problems and well as the amount of peeling that can be tolerated. Your therapist will discuss the treatment options available in your initial consultation.

Timeless Peel $275 Y
This effective medium depth peel contains 30% Retinol (Vitamin A), which is the powerhouse of anti-ageing, and stimulating lactic acid, the Timeless Peel by Cosmedix works more deeply within the layers of the skin to improve tone and texture.
Age Peel $179 Y
Our most potent peel suitable for mature skin or prematurely aged skin. This powerful peel refines lines and wrinkles, evens pigmentation and refines pore size resulting in a polished, dewy youthful looking complexion.
Beta Peel $179 Y
With a high concentration of Beta hydroxy acids resurfacing peel is ideal for thicken skins with heavy oil flow, open pores, closed comedones/Milla acne - reducing inflammation and preventing bacteria production, congestion and inflammation.
GP 40 Glycolic Peel $129 N
The GP40% peel targets dry, dull tired skin and provides an excellent exfoliation for increased cellular turnover and epidermal revitalisation.
Lactic Peel $150 Y
Lactic Peels are recommended for dry, mature and sensitive skin types in need of hydration. This 35% Lactic Acid peel will soften fine lines and wrinkles, target pigmentation and sun damage, and stimulate collagen and elastin, leaving skin feeling soft smooth and hydrated.
Revised Jessner Peel $150 Y
This powerful AHA/ BHA peel targets lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, dry skin, and age spots and is suitable for sun damaged skin.
Comelan 2 Peel $275  &  Cosmelan 1 Advanced Peel + Aftercare $1350
 This advanced de-pigmentation treatment system acts within cells responsible for pigmentation, decreasing colour production in areas where excess production is apparent to achieve the attenuation of unwanted brown skin pigmentation. Y. There are two Cosmelan options. Please contact or clinic for more information on Cosmelan Treatments


Y Indicates visible peeling is common
N Indicates visible peeling is uncommon

Multi- Phase Packages

 Micro Options
1. Microderm + Peel + LED $210
2. Microderm + Peel + Sonophoresis $219
3. Microderm + Enzyme + LED $225
4. Micro + Peel + Sonophoresis + LED $249

Peel Options
1. Peel + LED $210
2. Enzyme + Peel + Alginate Mask $219
3. Enzyme + Peel + Sonophoresis $225
4. Enzyme + Sonophoresis + Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel $249
5. 5 Step Ageless Enzyme + Bio Peel + LED

Skin Needling Options
1. Skin Needling + LED $339
2. Skin Needling + Bio Cellulose Mask $339
3. Skin Needling + LED + Bio Cellulose Recovery Mask $379
- Add Neck Area $50
- Add Chest $50